Working with Clickstream Data out of Adobe Analytics

4/28/14 UPDATE: the original thread on LinkedIn for this topic continues to draw useful comments regarding serious implementations/requirements. Take another read on it as time permits.

I honed in on an interesting thread on the Omniture Enthusiasts group on LinkedIn. The topic author, Nicholas, asks: “Has anyone has implemented a SiteCatalyst Clickstream Database solution?” The thread has turned into an interesting conversation, and another active participant has posted an R package at GitHub to faciliate this type of data movement and analysis. Turns out that it is possible to have a daily dump of clickstream data sent similar to a Data Warehouse data file for further processing. Hmmm – what an intriguing possibility.


  1. I had no idea this existed, but then I’ve been out of the SiteCatalyst loop for over a year.

    Do you have an example of a line from one of those files?

  2. Thanks for your comment/question! I have not yet seen a file yet, but wanted to make others aware that it was possible and that tools were available. I post a lot of things here so that I can find them again later wherever I have web access! Enjoy!

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