Webtrends Implementation

Webtrends Web Analytics Implementation

Webtrends is a powerful paid web analytics solution. Because of its complexity you need someone who understands Webtrends to help you make it work in your environment.

onceinaweb can help you get your Webtrends software configured and reporting data which will drive your web business decisions. Besides helping you to understand and configure the ‘out of the box’ reports such as Commerce and Merchandising, Paid Search Marketing, Email Campaigns and Organic Search; onceinaweb can help you create custom reports tailored to your business needs.

WebTrends Scenario Analysis / Conversion Funnel

Shown above is a WebTrends Scenario Analysis report (also known as a ‘butterfly’ report). This visual report helps you understand how your customers enter and interact with key areas of your site such as your shopping cart or your lead generation pages. When this report is properly configured, you will be able to see where your customers drop out of the funnel and you’ll be able to identify areas of your site which can be optimized to enable successful visits that will improve your site’s return on investment. The Webtrends Scenario Analysis report is one of the most useful, yet complex reports Webtrends offers. onceinaweb has configured these reports many times and we can help you get the most from your investment in Webtrends web analytics.

If you’re considering Webtrends as your future web analytics solution or just want to read more, please check out our Webtrends review at TrustRadius.com.

Do you need a Webtrends consultant? Contact onceinaweb today and let’s discuss an action plan customized to meet the needs of your web business.

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