Google Analytics implementation and tuning

Google Analytics is a relative newcomer to the web analytics field, however it changes almost daily, it seems. Google Analytics grew from a rather simple SAAS tool, good at providing novice website owners with basic web analytics data, into a world-class analytics and reporting powerhouse rivaling paid web analytics packages which have been around a lot longer. Because of the power available to you, all for “free”, we invite you to take advantage of the “big data” capabilities you have within easy reach and fully implement Google Analytics for your web properties.

onceinaweb can help you when you’re ready.

Basic Google Analytics implementations can be started by installing the code snippet directly onto every page of your site, or by using a tag management tool. Google Analytics offers a free companion, Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM is great for so many websites because it becomes possible to separate web site content from the complex tagging required to get data into web analytics tools.

The tricky part about all of these easily accessible tools is that they do require technical expertise, despite what all the hype would have you believe. If you’re struggling to get it all working, contact onceinaweb so that we can help you get the insightful reports you’ve been wanting all along.

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