So now we know the end result of Adobe’s recent purchase of Satellite, and we know much sooner than I’d expected. What an exciting time to be involved in web analytics implementation! Tag Management has totally changed the way we think about tagging a site for website visitor experience tracking.

It’s not a perfect world yet. Despite Adobe’s promise that IT assistance won’t be required for implementing new website tracking, on the lead documentation page is an invitation to engage their consulting services or to use one of their partners. Wait, I thought you said, “now it is easy”!?!

Of course now it’s easier, but not yet easy. A web analytics implementation which results in reports from which marketers gain valuable insights still requires careful planning and implementation. So with this new innovation, folks on the implementation side simply have more (effective) tools now. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed using the “legacy” Adobe Tag Manager, which I’ve read will be supported through the end of 2014. So things really are moving fast since ATM 2.0 was released only earlier in 2013.

For ADTM documentation, check out this link:,
And check out the brief YouTube intro.

Of all the news today, the best to me was the announcement that ADTM is included at no additional charge for Adobe Marketing Cloud customers. Considering the competition in the WA arena, that’s a great move on Adobe’s part to retain customers.

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