Adobe Analytcs Analysis Workspace Freeform Analysis

AdobeFreeformAnalysis_snagCatching up by posting several items related to Adobe Analytics (aka Omniture SiteCatalyst). First, there’s the great new beta tool called Analysis Workspace which allows for freeform analysis with out having to jump through Java hoops with AdHoc (aka Discover). There’s only one problem with Analysis Workspace – you can’t print or export yet. That’ll be solved soon enough I’m sure, but I found that it’s tough to even screenshot a report produced from this tool. SnagIt got stuck in the editable fields at the top of the screen (report title).

Other than these issues, I love the trendlines and seemingly limitless breakdowns. So far there’s sparse documentation, and no tutorial videos yet, but I’m sure this tool will be popular with analysts since no additional implementation is required to use it.

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