Yahoo! Web Analytics going away – but where was it?

I always wanted to try Yahoo! Web Analytics, but never met anyone using it because in order to access the product, it was necessary to be a Yahoo Business customer. So to me it is no surprise that this product is going away.

Everything I read about Yahoo! Web Analytics stated it was a good offering. I can’t understand why Yahoo! didn’t open access to the tool, except that it would have become necessary to devote resources to supporting it. Hopefully any new technology involved in the product will be used to enhance other products in the future – I hate to see this product go even though it was not really accessible to the world. I may recycle the book written about this product by Dennis Mortensen, which I purchased at Ollies Closeouts – it won’t be much use any more except as a paperweight. Goodbye YWA!


  1. Hi Mitchel,

    YWA is not going away entirely. It will still be used by the 5,000+ clients that adopted it for their Yahoo Small Business store accounts. It’s also being used by a bunch of clients who adopted it for a project called Audience Definition, which allows them to bridge YWA into our Right Media Exchange for display ads.

    Even bigger is the fact that it’s not making its way onto a bunch of some of the largest web properties in the world…..Yahoo’s own owned and operated web sites such as News, Sports, Finance, etc.

    Essentially, the focus has changed so that YWA will now be leveraged to drive more revenue directly back to Yahoo!

  2. Thanks for your comments – I am glad to hear the technology isn’t going away. And I still wish I could have had a chance to try it on some web properties I administer.

  3. Thanks for your comment – I believe you picked up on my question: “Where was Yahoo! Analytics (anyway)?”. That was the whole point of my post, why did Yahoo! choose to keep their fancy tool closed and confined to a captive audience? It is as if they didn’t want it to grow, or didn’t want to dedicate resources to it over a long term.

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