BackupBuddy WordPress restore to GoDaddy hosting

I just finished migrating a client’s WordPress site from Network Solutions to GoDaddy using BackupBuddy. I had a few issues, but overall, the process wasn’t so bad.

The major key to success was uploading a php.ini file with the following settings:
memory_limit = 256M
output_buffering = Off
display_errors = Off
log_errors = On
error_log = /pff_phperror_log
max_execution_time = 180

Contrary to reports I’d read by others getting started at GoDaddy, I had no troubles with cPanel, or with setting up MySQL databases or users. I simply plugged in the new database info into the ImportBuddy screen, and within seconds everything was up and running. Granted, all this may have gone so smoothly because I was using an iThemes WP theme, and generally they play by the rules. But keep in mind, the theme the site uses is from 2008! And, it still gets the job done.

Back to the restore process… I think the key factors to success, based upon two false starts was to get the Memory Limit and Max Execution Time settings correct as shown above.

Hope this helps someone – esp. those who get started without preparing beforehand!

To finish the job, I created a new Google Analytics tag using the Universal Analytics standard, so this site will have fresh metrics under its new domain name.


  1. Thanks Mitchell,

    Just about to upload a site via backup up buddy to Go Daddy UK later today.!

    I spoke to Go Daddy the other week and they seemed pretty helpful. I think things change but mud can stick so with fingers crossed!


  2. Hello!

    I’m hoping you can give me some feedback: I have attempted to use BackupBuddy as a backup solution for Network Solutions’ shared hosting accounts but without success. When I talk to NS about it no-one seems to be able to confirm if these accounts can have permissions set so that the Linux command line Zip command via PHP’s exec() function can run.

    Were you able to successfully make backups on NS with Backup Buddy? If so were you able to use the scheduling function? And were these shared hosting accounts?

    Thanks very much for any insight you can provide.

  3. Thanks for the comment/question!

    I’ve used BackupBuddy to backup sites, but I don’t think I’ve done a ‘from scratch’ restore with BackupBuddy onto NetSol hosting. Have you checked with iThemes at their support forum? Surely someone there would be using NetSol hosting… best of luck, if I get any more info, I’ll update this post or reply to you otherwise.

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